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One Platform. Many Industries

Whether you are in retail, finance, hospitality, or any other industry, our B2B loyalty and rewards platform is a perfect solution to increase channel engagement and loyalty.

Reach, Retain and Reward

Reach out and connect with channel partners, retain their loyalty by meeting their needs, and reward their efforts with an all-in-one channel engagement platform.

Gamification and Engagements

Drive channel engagement up to 10x with exciting tools such as spin the wheel, digital scratch card, lucky draw and much more.

Live Data and Secure Insights

Get access to real-time information and uncover insights giving you deeper understanding of your channel partners to make informed decisions.

Sales Incentivization

Drive sales, strengthened relationships and amplify their performance by offering tailor incentives to the specific needs of each channel partner.

Sales and Promotional Campaigns

Provide exclusive rewards and perks with every purchase in the form of discounts, early access to new products, or personalized support to your partners.

Key Features

Fully Customizable

Bring together buyers and sellers from across the globe on an e-commerce ready platform and simplified interactive experience.

Omnichannel Communication

Provide a seamless and consistent experience to channel partners across their preferred mediums such as email, phone, text message, chatbot, or WhatsApp.

Easy Integrations

Get to market faster and simplify data sharing with integrations across popular CRM, eCommerce, and payment platforms.

Customer Support

Provide 24x7 support and build trust within you and your channel partners through multi-language calling, email, chat, or toll-free mechanisms.

Instant Redemption

Increase channel engagement and satisfaction with instant cash, digital vouchers, UPI, and rewards in real-time as it provides a sense of immediate gratification.

Personalized Rewards

Tailor rewards and benefits to channel partners' specific needs and preferences and create a program more relevant and valuable to each partner.

Bold Moves. Real Results 

Businesses across the globe, spanning diverse sectors such as technology, retail, auto, and banking, have achieved remarkable success by implementing channel loyalty and rewards programs with Almond.

What Almond can do for you?

Our solutions augment business using sophisticated yet simple technology and B2B loyalty program platform to deliver measurable conversions and return on experience.

Loyalty Marketing

Build a long-term relationship, encourage channel partners to purchase repeatedly, and drive revenue growth over time.

Loyalty Management

Manage your loyalty programs, create a personalized experience, and distribute relevant rewards from a single platform. 

Marketing Automation

Utilize our tools that leverage AI to devise and execute marketing campaigns based on your channel partners’ past behavior. 

Data Analytics

Optimize your marketing strategies with our data set analysis and tools, which can increase your efficiency by 50%. 


Engage your channel partners and make a longlasting impression on their minds with our gamified loyalty platform. 

Customer Touchpoints

Understand your customer’s tick points, know what makes them productive and motivated. 

Boost Revenue and Marketing ROI with an award winning loyalty platform.

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