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Five Ways to Cut Your Hybrid Event Capture Costs

Five Ways to Cut Your Hybrid Event Capture Costs

There are undoubtedly many benefits to hosting hybrid events. We could even talk about how hybrid events are transforming the events industry. However, one thing to look into keenly is the cost associated with them. 

With hybrid events, since one portion of the audience is in-person, some organizers would like that part of their content to be captured as well. After all, any content shared during your event is great material for marketing. So, do not make the mistake of foregoing the capture of content altogether. 

Capturing events on-site can seem expensive. However, with a few simple tricks, you can save a good amount of your resources and even reap profits.   

1. Skip Videography

Cameras have gotten quite smart today. Video cameras come with remote-control heads and they can also pan all across the room, remotely. That means you can do away with videography services. 

Before you do that, ask yourself what kind of event are you having. If it involves a lot of movement on stage, it might not make sense to lose the videography because it still captures much more content than remote video cameras. 

2. Don’t Capture EVERYTHING

One of the greatest advantages of event marketing is that you can make it available on your website as content. But your hybrid event planning should account for sections of the event that can be used later.

Let your venue provider know your budget and that you’re open to trying different bandwidths. Sometimes, the lower level is as good alive. 

Moreover, live streaming can be very expensive. So, cut your costs by reducing the live streaming coverage. Instead, decide what needs to be live and what can be made available on-demand later. 

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Negotiate

One of the reasons why live streaming can be expensive is the associated charges of wireless connectivity. Most venues have fast enough hard-wired internet. It is cheaper. Now, what you will need to do is negotiate the charges for using this facility. 

You reaches the higher level and you end up paying lesser. You will be surprised by the amount of money you can save there.  

4. Play around with your options

If you’re not using a videographer, then you might miss out on capturing the feeling of the entire event for your virtual audiences. However, give them the content that they are looking for. You can use a high-resolution camera and place it closer to the speaker. This method too can help cut down costs. If that doesn’t work for you, you can also use stream the audio and the slides that are being presented. Anyway, the best hybrid event platform have several engagement options for virtual attendees to feel connected to the speaker. 

5. Monetize your content

You’re capturing content so that it can help you find on-demand viewers. So, don’t be afraid to monetize it. Try simple pricing strategies such as a package to see everything or just the speakers. There could be another package for live vs. post-event content. 

Again, you’ll be in for a surprise. People are willing to pay for good content. So, ensure that you market your event and create good teasers so that you can push more people into paying for the entire content. 

Hybrid event platforms like vFairs, Almond Virtex, Airmeet, Hopin can help you with distributing this content and give you valuable data with actionable insights. So, you can figure out who is more likely to purchase and who needs a different approach. 

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The growing popularity of the hybrid event format is a blessing for the global event industry. The digital age has resulted in a remarkable simplification in people’s lives. In this regard, there are more and more chances to combine traditional events with virtual components to attract the attention of a more extensive audience base. 

In this article we will learn about hybrid events, why they are essential, and how they are different from virtual events. 

What are Hybrid Events?

The hybrid event format combines in-person and on-screen components, with the option to attend either in-person or virtually through an online platform such as Almond Virtex.  It also helps businesses in building a larger community, as well as breaking geographic barriers. 

Why are hybrid events important?

Hybrid events provide an avenue for expanding the reach of your in-person events, and a best hybrid event platform can take an in-person event from an okay experience to a truly great one. By combining the features of both, conducting hybrid events is beneficial in many aspects, such as: 

  • Reduced Cost 
  • Higher Reach & Attendance 
  • Better ROI 
  • Enhanced Flexibility 
  •  Real-time data and Insights 
  • Increased Audience Engagement 
  • Better exposure to sponsors 

How to organize a hybrid event?

Hybrid Events combine the power of in-person events and the flexibility offered by a virtual component. These events can be hosted as webinars, podcasts or replays.  

There are specific points hybrid event planners need to consider before hosting an event: 

  • Set a budget for an event 
  • Create a perfect plan 
  • Choose the best hybrid event platform 
  • Prepare your speakers 
  • Promote your event to create a buzz 

Why will hybrid events be the future?

Hybrid Events are the way of the future, as demonstrated by top companies across various industries who have already incorporated this format for their events. They gives you the leverage of reaching a broader audience that can engage and connect from anywhere. 

With global reach, lesser expenses and higher ROI, hybrid events are the future of conferencing and networking. 

Why has hybrid conferencing become so popular?

Hybrid events take the best of both worlds — your virtual event, where you can communicate with thousands of attendees and build your brand presence, and an in-person component to generate qualified leads and meet few people in a controlled safer environment. 

Difference between Hybrid events and Virtual events.

The pandemic forced lots of business, networking and social life to shift online. And here, virtual & hybrid event comes into the picture.  

Virtual events are virtual conferences, virtual summits, internet conferences/summits, tele summits or webinars. They are online versions of in-person events, which enable people to attend meetings virtually and live via webcam. 

Hybrid events are a relatively new concept. Although sometimes confused with Webinars, these methods of holding an event let hybrid event planners cash in on the benefits of both online and in-person events. Many companies are using the hybrid approach for their conferences and live events. 

What are the best Hybrid event platforms?

There is an end number of platforms that organize events virtually, and choosing the right platform for your event plays an essential role in the event’s success. But the questions arise what to look for in a hybrid event platform?  

You will search for a platform that combines traditional events with virtual components to attract the attention of a more extensive audience base. 

Almond Virtex is one such platform that allows you to host virtual and hybrid events depending upon the desired outcomes. It is 100% customizable, scalable and secure with global privacy protocols. 

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